Shevchenko, whom I know

Vasil Kisil, Senior Partner of "Vasil Kisil & Partners" law firm

I've known Igor Shevchenko relatively long, since his college years.It's hard to describe this young man just in a few words. But both back then and now I'd remark such traits as constant creativity,ability to set up lofty goals and gather up a group of like-minded people to achieve these goals.I'm certain that professionalism,integrity and patriotic...

Igor Kohut, chaiman of the Legislative Initiatives Council

I got to know Igor Shevchenko by his public activities. Both his social activism and bisiness success are evidence of a great persistence. And yet, observing the success of his social initiatives, I hope that the greatest one are ahead.Igor has got remarkable potential and energy.

Larysa Denisenko,a lawyer, writer, TV channel "1+1"newscaster

Igor Shevchenko loves people, he is always open to new ideas and tries uniting citizens by creating a variety of projects that involve like-minded people.He never gets tired of doing it.It is unification that is the most important mission nowadays.There are a lot of good things to mention about Igor Shevchenko. He is a patriot,a professional, a decent person.Igor is always...

Oleksandr Solontay,chairman of the "Regional Initiatives Foundation"

Since assisting youth organizations (Law Students Association, The Young Leaders Forum) Igor started cooperating and engaging into social activities with citizens of different classes,groups and regions. I share Igor's opinion on that now is the time when social activism will provide best best results for our country.I am certain Igor has got a lot of accomplishments ahead...

Sergiy Konnov, president of "Ukrainian Bar Association"

Igor is a vigorous person, his deeds serve as example for other people. By being a successful lawyer , he inspired his team and created one of the most successful law firms in Ukraine. Igor impressed both his golleagues and competitors, giving a great example to follow. And when Igor became a social figure -he triggered people to do greater things. I am proud to be one of...

Volodymyr Chepoviy,chairman of the Institute for the Study of Ukraine

Our country needs people that are able to think strategically.People, that create systems which harmonize our habitat.And Igor is the one.And what is even more important is that Igor is able to implement all conceived.

Vitaliy Shevchenko, member of The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine

Igor Shevchenko is a natural born leader.This kind of people make the world turn!
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